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We at Lafda Tv constantly strive to bring to our audience their daily dose of humour and nuggets of information that would cheer them up and break the monotony of their daily hum-drum lives. We are your buzz-bees out here in the big bad world of the internet, always humming with interesting tidbits with easy-on-the-eye listicles, pictures and stand-up acts.

We also are a serious lot when it comes to bringing you news but we make sure that it is minus the bias and is laden with relevant content. Anything you want to know, we have got you covered. Our topics range from Alpacas to Zebras, from America to Zanzibar. Seriously, we are out here round-the-clock trying to make sure that your feed is always full of good content and that bit of zing to bring about the hop in your walk and a smile on your face.

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